Shooq, otherwise known as Austin Shoopman is a Oregon based producer who started out as a graphic designer/ visual artist. He always loved the music, but on that journey throughout art he decided to learn the art of sound design and loved how it ended up correlate with visual arts. Shooq is known for his heavy baselines, yet intricate mixing throughout his tracks. Whether its through a heavy drop or melodic swing, you’re always in for a treat and bound to be Shooq.

Shooq has opened for acts such as Dodge & Fuski, Finnuh, Facelft and many local shows over the years. In the few years he has been around the local music scene, he has hosted a few successful local events and festivals in the Southern Oregon area, which carved a path for many young artists in the area. Quote: “I really enjoy being able to put certain people in the right place together and create a magical night for years to remember”.